Quarterly Bookstore Catalog

Quarterly Bookstore Catalog

The Leading Edge Review is the only consumer-oriented Body/Mind/Spirit bookstore catalog of its kind purchased by bookstores and distributed free to bookstore customers featuring the latest books, music and more on the Leading Edge.  Glossy stock: 40 lb. Four color.  CURRENT ISSUE »

Advertise in Leading Edge Review

Advertise in Leading Edge Review

In addition to hundreds of bookstores, the Leading Edge Review gets bonus distribution at:  Whole Health Expo, International New Age Trade Show, New Earth Expos, Body/Mind/ Spirit Expos, Book Expo America, American Library Show, Public Library Association Show, London Book Fair, The Frankfurt Book Fair…  PLACE AD »

Order Leading Edge Review

Order Leading Edge Review

A glossy stock, 40 lb. four color newsletter issue packed with previews of some of the latest latest body/mind/spirit books, music and DVDs.  Designed for self-mailing. Just address your copies and drop them in the mail or insert them in your own newsletter.  BOOKSTORE ORDERS »

"'Do you think I should advertise in Leading Edge Review?’ I tell them, 'You see my ads every year.'
What higher recommendation could I give than that?" - Steven Halpern, Inner Peace Music
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New artists and clients often ask me, ‘Do you think I should advertise in Leading Edge Review?’ I tell them, ‘You see my ads in there every year. What higher recommendation could I give than that?’  And now that it’s in 4-color, it’s better than ever!”   – Steven Halpern, Inner Peace Music

The Leading Edge Review is one of the fastest ways for small and large publishers to get news of their books to the very stores that sell them. Rather than purchasing expensive display ad space in trade mags, and then having retailers potentially find your ads between reams of copy, the LER is a specialized review summary. The stores I work with all know about it, and all tell me that it’s their number one source for new releases. It’s a ‘can’t miss’ deal, and unique in the industry.”  – Lee Carroll, Publisher, The Kryon Writings, Inc.


Are you interested in directly reaching a targeted audience of thousands of new age bookstore customers? Then read on! The Leading Edge Review is designed to do just that.

Now in our 25th year, the Leading Edge Review is a quarterly consumer-oriented bookstore catalog that is distributed to consumers through subscribing bookstores. Retailers use the Leading Edge Reviews as in-store promotional tools, direct mail pieces or newsletter inserts. Devoted entirely to body/mind/spirit books, music and videos, the Leading Edge Review is an attractive resource that book buyers read and trust.  PLACE AD »

Each quarterly issue of the Leading Edge Review is:

• Distributed in bulk to customers by 300 subscribing bookstores
• Mailed to 5,000 body/mind/spirit bookstores
• Distributed in bundles to New Leaf’s bookstore accounts
• Distributed in bundles to COVR bookstores (Coalition of Visionary Resources)
• Distributed in bundles to ABA body/mind/spirit bookstores (American Booksellers of America)
• Posted online at www.LeadingEdgeReview.com


Don’t miss out on the next issue! Please note that advertising is sold on a first come/first serve basis.  Advertising closes as soon as the Leading Edge Review is filled.  Please review the current issue to decide the ad size you prefer and then e-mail Sheila right away.  READ MORE »

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