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How do bookstores order the Leading Edge Review?

Here’s what the Leading Edge Review offers bookstores and their customers:

A newsletter issue packed with previews of some of the latest latest body/mind/spirit books, music and DVDs.

Four issues a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Designed for self-mailing. Just address your copies and drop them in the mail or insert them in your own newsletter.

Publication Schedule

IssueOrder DeadlineDelivery Date


February 10

March 1


May 10

June 1


August 10

September 1


November 10

December 1

RatesIncludes Shipping and Handling

25 copies


50 copies


100 copies


200 copies


300 copies


500 copies


1,000 copies


2,500 copies



FREE Copies

Bookstores may sign up to receive 25 free copies from either New Leaf or Leading Edge. Contact Sheila with your name, bookstore name, address and phone.

 “As a retailer, we have been delighted to have such a quality publication available to help us remain aware of new products on a continuing basis.  It helps us keep our product lines current for our customers.   The full color makes it very attractive for our customers to spot and pick up.  Our “regulars” are always looking for the latest issue.  It really helps us with our advertising needs.” –   Marjorie Coe, Catalpa Tree Shops