How Do I Place an Ad?


Display Ads  (Please conform to the following specifications.)

  • Ads should be submitted as PDF or JPEG files. PDFs should be saved as Press Quality PDFs (or maximum quality), with all fonts embedded, images at 300 dpi resolution, and compression low.
  • All photo images must be CMYK or grayscale (not RGB) at 300 dpi. RGB colors often do not reproduce as expected when printed. Web site images are low resolution & not acceptable for printing.
  • Send ads by e-mail (up to 17MB) or CD, or use something like Hightail to send larger ads. Hard copy should also be supplied.
  • MS Word, Publisher, CorelDraw files are not usable.

Preview Ads

These look more like reviews and we can create them. Send a copy of your product. If supplying your product cover electronically, see requirements above. Text may be emailed.

To qualify for the 4 Times rate, you must advertise four times within one year. The discount will be applied in full to the 4th ad.


Approximately 25,000. Glossy stock: 50 lb. Four color. (Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any ad deemed not appropriate to this publication.)

Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates will be sent upon request.
Phone: 1-952-217-4665
Sheila K. Andersen
Leading Edge Review
3651 Robin Lane
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Ad Size

Full Page 7.5″ Wide X 9.5″ High
2/3 Page 4.875″ Wide X 9.5″ High
1/2 Page 7.5″ Wide X 4.5″ High
1/3 Page Hor. 4.875″ Wide X 4.5″ High
1/3 Page Ver. 2.375″ Wide X 9.5″ High
1/6 Page 2.375″ Wide X 4.5″ High
1/9 Page 2.375″ Wide X 3″ High
1/12 Page 2.375″ Wide X 2.313″ High
Gift Ideas Section
1/4th Page 3.5″ Wide x 4.5″ High
1/8th Page 3.5″ Wide x 2.25″ High
1/16th Page 1.75″ Wide x 2.25″ High

Closing Dates

Issue • Materials Deadline • Publication Date
Spring • Jan 26 • Mar 1
Summer • Apr 26 • June 1
Fall • July 26 • Sept 1
Winter • Oct 25 • Dec 1

Mailing List Rentals

5,000 Body/Mind/Spirit Bookstores – $595

1,100 Mail Order Customers – $275

(These lists can be rented electronically if an independent, certified mailing house does the mailing.)